Is Affiliate Genie just another waste of money?

Keep reading to discover the truth about Affiliate Genie, and why affiliate marketing is only going to get harder and more expensive for those that don't adapt quickly...

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As an Internet marketer, you know there is only two things that you really need to succeed online ... traffic and sales.

Unfortunately for many of us, these two things are shrouded in mystery. Getting traffic can be expensive and time-consuming, and converting the traffic into sales can be an ongoing mystery ... locked behind years of tracking in testing.

When it comes to getting traffic, the problem is a lot of paid traffic sources eat into profits. This is a nightmare if you are an affiliate and you only get 75% of each sale. That is why so many people turn to free methods such as SEO, blogging or article marketing.

The problem is, each of these methods alone requires all of your time dedicated to it ... along with a lot of experience, testing and learning from your mistakes.

And even after you've managed to get the traffic to your website, you still face the daunting task of getting traffic to convert into sales.

This two punch combination leaves a lot of affiliates bitter, broke and out of time. But it doesn't really have to be that way.

So what is the solution?

You can get a lot of traffic from search engines, without becoming an SEO geek, or having to pay for it.

SEO needs to be done right... which means a certain way of building sites that are search engine friendly, and attract inbound links (aka, they are helpful and encourage linking). This really is as complicated as people think, because it's all about how you build a site in the first place ... and what kind of content you put on it.

When it comes to making sales, you'll find that it's not really what you're doing on your website that is causing problems ... it's usually because you're just targeting the wrong type of visitor. You'll find that when you target the right type of visitor (a.k.a. the buyer) then your sales will suddenly start to take off.

It's not enough just to target the right types of people though ... because you have to create the right type of content to convince them to buy. This is called preselling, and for many people, it can be confusing and hard work.

But again, making sales doesn't have to be hard work. Once you have the right formula, you'll see that sales really will take off . It has been proven time and time again that reviews are one of the best ways to actually presell visitors and make sales as an affiliate.

But here's the problem...

I won't lie to you ... SEO is time-consuming and complicated when you don't know what you're doing. Therefore getting traffic from search engines is usually out of bounds for a lot of affiliate marketers.

Plus, writing reviews is also a lot of hard work, and not everybody has the time or experience to do a good job at it.

Why? Well, there are several almost hidden psychological elements which act as buying trigggers, which all good presells and reviews have...and it usually takes a high paid copywriter to come up with them.

It's not just the words either, because a lot of sales are generated from a properly designed site. This doesn't mean the site needs to look like CNN or some fancy web designer's portfolio, but it does need to be laid out in a certain way to appeal to buyers and trigger sales. But again, designing your sites and getting them to make money requires a lot of time, patience, money and fancy desktop software.

It's no wonder a lot of affiliates struggle to make money, but there is hope yet ...

So what do I recommend?

Affiliate Genie is a web-based application which aims to solve almost of these headaches that affiliates have.

It is a CMS (Content Management System) which is similar to the very popular blogging platform WordPress... except it is much easier to use. Its sole purpose is to create professional looking product review sites, with integrated rating system that you and your website visitors can use to naturally rate the products you have listed on your review page.

But it doesn't just allow you to publish reviews and manage all your content, it is also built from the ground up to create websites that attract serious and targeted buyers for the products that you are promoting in your reviews, and creates a visually appealing review page that has been proven to convert visitors into buyers.

The owner, Chris Rempel, is a six-figure marketer who made his first fortune's online with affiliate marketing... and more specifically, by doing reviews of products. This formula was originally taught via his groundbreaking 'Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate' e-book, which became a bestseller online.

But instead of learning theory and principles alone, you can now have your own review website built by Affiliate Genie, which follows the exact same rules and guidelines for creating websites that make money, which were originally taught in Chris Rempel's e-book.

It incorporates several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features, which are search engines absolutely love. It also built a site that's visitors trust ... very similar to how Amazon grew in popularity, by creating an interactive user review system.

It also comes with several other features, such as visitor commenting, spam blocking, design customisation and a very easy content upload feature.

Furthermore, there are backend features such as tracking to help you maximise your income from each review site.

One of the strongest advantages, is that the sites you build with Affiliate Genie are very easy to sell if you want to "flip" your websites. That's because Affiliate Genie requires no database, so you literally zip your files using a built-in application, and send them off to your buyer once your site is

Apart from the main system, you also get an additional traffic getting guide, which will help you to get even more traffic for free. On a side note, most of the traffic you will be getting will be from natural search engine listings. That's part of the power of Affiliate Genie, because it builds sites which are specifically designed to get listed in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

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Although the concept seems sound, the truth is that like anything, Affilaite Genie comes with its own set of drawbacks of problems. Below are the ones that struck me the most, and something you should consider before you go ahead and purchase...

1. Long support times

Hopefully you can shouldn't have any technical glitches, but our reviewers found a slightly longer delay than usual when trying to get support. Support did arrive, but it took almost 2 days. We put this down to it being close to the launch of the product, so perhaps this might have been resolved by now.

2. Limited to one purpose/one dimension type of marketing

Although Affiliate Genie does exactly what it promises, the fact is that it is very limited to one type of marketing system. Admittedly, they never promise anything beyond that ... but it is to consider if you're looking for a possible solution, such as a Wordpress blog where you can post all kinds of different content and completely customise the look and feel of your website.

3. Don't get this if you're a hardcore blogger

Continuing the point from above, this is not really designed for bloggers who want total freedom and flexibility of their websites. This is really a single purpose website creator which creates reviews that sell well... nothing more, nothing less.

4. No click tracking/link cloaking

At the time of review, there was no features or functionality to allow you to track your clicks and cloak your links. These are two useful features for affiliates, so you can see which areas of your site are getting the most activity, and you can also hide your affiliate links at the same time. Perhaps these things might be added at a later stage?

5. Drip feeding

When compared to WordPress (a popular blogging platform), Affiliate Genie does not allow you to be published automatically over a period of time... whereas WordPress allows you to do this for your convenience. This feature is great when you have lots of blogs or websites to manage, and we want to load all your content upfront, and then make it look as though your site is growing organically over a period of time. Non-essential feature, but would be nice to have seen it included.

6. Page names/titles are limited

For some reason, Affiliate Genie seems to limit how long the name of an article page can be , and it's a bit frustrating. I can only imagine this will be fixed shortly, but right now it seems a weird problem which is unnecessary.

7. Page names/titles don't support characters

Sometimes it's useful to have ASCI symbols, commas or other characters in your titles and pages, which Affiliate Genie doesn't seem to support at the time of publishing this review.

8. Uploading headers can be a bit messy

Each of your pages contains a header logo , which you can fully customise. But right now, it seems cumbersome having to upload your own jpg images if you want to create your own from scratch, and it doesn't support other formats such as PNG which I use regularly with photoshop.

9. Not very customizable

The other drawback, is that even though the sites are customisable and start off as a blank canvas, due to the nature of the layouts ... they always end up looking very similar to each other. Obviously, there's a reason for this ... because they work! Still, it would be nice to have some options to make them more your own. If you're a real anal web designer, this will probably get on your nerves a little bit.


With all that being said, Affiliate Genie is a very powerful application which saves a huge amount of time and money, and cuts out the steep learning curve of creating pages that sell affiliate products. Here are some of the major points that really impressed me about Affiliate Genie...

1. Fast and easy to get started, with seamless integration

Right from the beginning beginning, you get an installation video and step-by-step instructions to get you up and running quickly. If you have any experience working with websites, you probably need these instructions and videos. Uploading via FTP is fast and effortless, and working with the interface is very simple and easy to add content to your sites... in fact, it makes WordPress look seriously complex in comparison.

2. So much easier than Wordpress

Speaking of WordPress, I find that Affiliate Genie is just so much more user-friendly, and requires much less hassle and messing around. With WordPress, you have to be highly skilled to edit the way the site functions and looks, it can take days to hunt down the right plug-ins to make it work properly for you. With Affiliate Genie, it does exactly what it promises right out of the box. Sure, you won't win any design awards for your site ... you will make money from the proven presell review sites it builds for you.

3. Nifty "top fold" editor

Another handy feature, is the ability to add and edit a top fold promotion, which is one of the key elements of making sales on each site. The top for promotion is a big block on the top of every page of each site you create. It is used to drive home your affiliate offers, and it works ... because people cannot miss it! Affiliate Genie blends this promotion into the page very well, and it really draws the eye to it. And the fact that you can edit it so easily, means that you can swap your offers around with minimal fuss and no coding issues.

4. The ability to accept ratings and comments from your visitors

This is a feature that allowed Internet giants like Amazon to really stand above the crowd and their visitors trust. Not only does this allow your visitors to engage with your website, but it shows that other people are giving genuine feedback on the products you are reviewing, which generates a huge amount of trust ... and that trust converts people into buyers.

5. Very clean and robust system

Due to the fact that the coding for Affiliate Genie is very clean, along with no plug-ins required... means that there is less things that can go wrong, or become compatible... or whatever else causes a website to crash. This is where WordPress falls down, because it gets bogged down with complex coding and technical wizardry. Sometimes, simplicity is better...

6. Faster load times

Continuing from the point above, due to the fact that Affiliate Genie is so clearly built and requires no external database or additional plug-ins (like WordPress does), it means that your sites load quicker. This is essential for both your visitors and for your search engine rankings. In terms of your visitors, they don't want her around for more than 10 seconds waiting for your page to load. In terms of the search engines, Google has recently announced that they will reward faster loading websites with higher rankings and cheaper cost per click (if you decide to use Google Adwords PPC to drive traffic).

7. It's Google friendly

A big problem with affiliate review sites in the past, is that Google sees it as purpose-built sites simply trying to make money... and they don't like that, so it's hard to get ranked in get low cost per click as well. With Affiliate Genie, it's a snap to add more content such as articles and tutorials, making your site legit and search engine friendly. This doesn't just help the search engines, it also helps your visitors make up their minds about you and the products you are reviewing / promoting.

8. Easy to sell sites

In the past, selling your sites (especially if they came with databases like WordPress blogs do), was a real nightmare technically speaking. You had to transfer databases, download all your files and content, and do so before the buyer got bored and changed their mind.

With Affiliate Genie, you have a feature which allows you to sell your sites with a one site use license. This value to you quickly FTP or your files back to your local computer hard drive, sit them up and send them to your buyer to upload to their own domains and servers. No more messing around or complicated procedures involved, which allows you to build and flip websites extremely quickly and easily. This is a major advantage for buyers and sellers of websites (a.k.a. website flippers)

9. Super Fast Ranking

From some early research and testing, it's exciting to see that some of the test sites created by Affiliate Genie are already ranking in Google for various terms related to the products are being reviewed on the actual sites themselves. This is reassuring to know, because after just a couple of weeks the results are already starting to come to fruition.

10. Easy way to make affiliate sales

Although time will tell how many sales can be made per site, the fact is that this type of review site does generate sales, and that is speaking from personal experience. All I can say, is that having a system to automate the process of building these types of siteS can only be a good thing.

11. Hassle free & minimal learning curve

One of the biggest benefits of using Affiliate Genie, is the sheer amount of time and money you save. Not only will you bypass the long learning curve of building sites that get traffic and actually make sales, but you speed up the whole process allowing you to scale your business like you never could before (at least, unless you were willing to pay outsourcers to build the sites for you and lose a chunk of your profits at the same time).


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Click here to visit the official Affiliate Genie website

Ultimately, Affiliate Genie does exactly what it promises ... it creates affiliate review websites that attracts free search engine traffic and generate sales. With that in mind, it's very hard to be overly critical of the product.

Although there seems to be a few glitches and missing features, I have no doubt that the creators will quickly plug these holes by the time this review has even been published!

Admittedly, it won't generate award-winning Web page is in terms of design, but it will do exactly what it promises, which is a lot more than many products do these days.

If you are sick and tired of messing around with technically challenging WordPress blogs, and need faster loading pages that don't require databases, are easy to transfer and sell, and ultimately make you money ... then Affiliate Genie is the perfect solution for you.

With the sitewide Featured Promo, you are able to present your offers in the top fold of the page. This generates higher click through rates and more commissions , based on a tested from Chris Rempel, an extremely successful six-figure affiliate marketer .

Furthermore, the interactive product-related discussion (comments and rating system for users) generates more trust with your visitors, as they can see that the reviews are legitimate, and other people are getting results. This is social proof, and it works like gangbusters (just ask Amazon about that!).

Finally it allows you to create a nice mix of product related content along with tutorials and related article content ... which attracts the right type of traffic from the search engines, who are ultimately people looking to buy the products you are reviewing.

None of this is complicated, and it all makes perfect sense ... and with an application that allows you to do it with point-and-click simplicity, it is extremely difficult to deny the sheer power of this in the hands of those that take action.

More to the point, it works ...

Chris Rempel (the creator and successful six-figure marketer) created one affiliate site built with this structure single-handedly doing about $60K a year in commissions...but can you do the same? Questionable.

The truth is, you still have to add your own content and put in a bit of effort to really ramp up your traffic. You also have to pick decent products to review, which can sometimes be hit and miss.

But that will never change ... there is always an element of human error, and there is always going to be some work involved. The question is, do you want to do it manually and mess around with complicated installations like WordPress, or do you want an application which does all the technical grunt work for you, and spits out a site which is designed to sell like crazy?


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