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Let me begin by saying upfront that this MyShoppingGenie Review is completely unbiased as I am not (at the time of this writing) involved with this company nor have I used the product. I am simply an outsider looking in, doing a thorough analysis of what this company has to offer, both to the consumer and the distributor. So, as they say in the south, where I’m from, “I ain’t got no dog in this fight.” Therefore you can expect a MyShoppingGenie unbiased review today.

Having looked through numerous websites, articles, and forums as I conducted due diligence in reading several MyShoppingGenie reviews, I have found a heavy slant in favor of the company and product by those article authors who are already involved with the MyShoppingGenie products either as a committed user or a distributor. Obviously, right? I mean, I would be seriously concerned if they were using or affiliating for a product they didn’t believe in at least to some degree.

That being said, I want to discuss with you today some of the pros and cons uncovered as I have perused a wealth of MyShoppingGenie Cialis information. At the end we will summarize and I will share with you my thoughts on the MyShoppingGenie on-line opportunity.

One of the most unique things the MyShoppingGenie product has going for it is that it is free.

This can be both a pro and a con. It’s a pro in that everybody loves free, thinking rationally, it is a lot easier to give something away than it is to sell it – right? On the other hand, sometimes when people see “free” they raise an eyebrow and want to know what the “catch” is. So, this may lead to some mistrust from on-line shoppers out there. All in all, though I think the number of people who like “free” software far outweighs the number of people who would be mistrustful. So Free becomes a pro for MyShoppingGenie marketing.
The product itself provides a lot of benefit for the user by saving them time and money. These are two of the most coveted things in society today. The MyShoppingGenie products do all the work for shoppers by automatically searching the major engines for the lowest price on the specific item searched. Easy, Simple, and Fast. So, since everyone wants to save time and money, and with the volume of on-line shoppers increasing daily, there will be no shortage of prospects for this product.

If the product is free, and the lowest price products are found by the consumer on-line, where then are the benefits for the distributor? Affiliate Commissions! When a user finds and purchases an item through the MyShoppingGenie product, the distributor has the opportunity to earn commissions from that sale through affiliate relationships.

They are also able to earn money when they bring other distributors into the company. This has all the appearances of an internet marketer’s dream – an MLM business pay-per-click) commissions.
The most intriguing and downright exciting element of the MyShoppingGenie marketing features is the ability to personally brand the Genie with YOUR company name, logo, and link back to YOUR website. Now that is a very cool thing for any internet marketer trying to establish their brand on-line. Imagine every time someone does a search, YOUR logo can appear in front of their eyes. That, my friends, has potential to give you massive exposure for your business that could lead to sales of your own products. There are other factors to consider with this though – do you want YOUR personal brand intermingled with and labeled among bargain basement companies. Good exposure, yes – but what will that do for your brand’s ability to influence in other areas of marketing? Maybe not a complete show stopper, as this is an optional feature that you could choose not to use, but these are valid questions to ask yourself and consider before marrying your personal brand to the Genie.

MyShoppingGenie marketing challenges do exist. While there is a company replicated site with personalization features and some handy MyShoppingGenie branding tools, there still exists the same problem facing every MLM company buy amoxil and product – driving traffic, getting leads, and converting prospects to customers and/or business builders. So, the biggest con is this, like most other MLM and/or affiliate companies, the distributor is left to find their own turn-key solution for building the business to a substantial enough degree to begin earning money from it.

Based on this MyShoppingGenie review, I believe there is great potential in the market for this company. If you are a serious marketer who believes in playing their cards right using proven internet marketing tactics, then you could make some decent money with this company. If you are only giving away free Genies to friends and family with no clear business plan or marketing strategy, then you may save some money, but you likely won’t make very much. It buy amoxil online really is going to be in how you play your cards with this one.

This review was written and researched under 3rd party unbiased author Krista Abbott. You can find the orginial article and more of her work at the OnlineMLMSecrets Review Blog for MyShoppingGenie.

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 MyShoppingGenie Review – An Outsider’s Unbiased Review